Isn’t it funny how quickly a conversation hops topics.

One minute baseball, the next the moon.

Sometimes, in the right place, at the right times, those conversations settle somewhere deeper–I love those times.

Yesterday we were there–in those deeper places–some friends and I.

As we were talking we hit a stumbling block.  A question that made us all wonder.

Sometimes in those moments, bewilderment can accidentally turn into doubt.

Faith seems to grow slowly and deliberately–like a gorgeous and grand oak–but doubt seems to spread like a weed.

I feel danger when it lingers.

And then a friend said something so penetrating.

As I hummed and hawed about the solution to the dilemma that was presented, he said simply:

“I don’t know.  But it must be for good, because God is so good.”

It must be for good…because God is so good.

Why would it be any other way?

Yes, I believe he is right.

God, who is so very very good, would not orchestrate something that didn’t have the most brilliant of purposes and reasoning.

Purposes that would elevate and refine and beautify his children.

When you can’t see the hand of God–you trust His heart.

He is our shepherd and would never leave us wanting.

He offers green pastures–places of safety–and still waters–places of refreshment.

He restores.  He leads.  He encourages.  Ever beside me.

He fills my empty cup to overflowing.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…” (Psalm 23)


Surely there’s a good and merciful reason.

Because of who He is.

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L~ F~:~

I just sent four kids off to college.

Whew!  My mind is still reeling…and actually, so is my heart.

I pray for them on a regular basis.  And by regular, I mean several times a day.

…that they will do well in their classes, that they will find good friends, that they will be watched over and protected, AND that they will remember who they are…

That last bit is really important to me.  Because it’s hard to do that when you enter a new world.  Sometimes you can lose yourself there.

On Saturday I received a text from Garett.  He’s playing football for Snow College.  Tearing it up.  Oh, I love that boy.  On Saturday he got a new pair of cleats.  He said I was going to love them.

And then the photos started coming through.

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4

He was right.

I loved them.

I loved how he wrote, in permanent black sharpie, snippets that would remind him of who he was.

Favorite scriptures, favorite football players, favorite lines from favorite hymns.

I wondered what all the other boys thought of those shoes as he stood there among giants on the sideline of that field.

And then I realized it really didn’t matter what the other boys thought.

It just matters what God thinks, really.

And God can’t help but love Garett’s heart.

I read those cleats and I knew.

Garett knows who he is.

He remembers.

a daily invitation:

Could you find a permanent reminder to display somewhere today that would help you remember who you are?  Maybe it’s a favorite scripture, a line from a favorite song, a photograph, or a small figurine.  A reminder that God knows you…a reminder that you are His.

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Yesterday we posted a story you do not want to miss.

It was the story of a passing blessing between two unlikely friends.  A Christian woman and a Indian Shia taxi driver.  You will want to read it.

You can find it on our blog here, or your could also find it posted on our new blog.

Yep.  That’s right!

The time has come and we are ready and excited to announce a new adventure.

Don’t worry, we will still be posting daily invites from the scriptures here, but something else has been brewing in the wings.

The blog is the reality of a dream that started as a simple conversation between good friends.

Those simple conversations led us to realize that there is a common thread that binds us –– we love Jesus.

Our hearts are impressed by the scripture in Acts that describes the life of Jesus by saying, “He went about doing good.” We want to devote our lives to that same purpose.

Doing Good.

We believe there is strength in numbers, so each of us reached out to a few more friends. . .good people, with good intentions, who love Jesus, and have a passion for making a difference in the world.  And now we are inviting you along too!

Every day you will find a short post on that will be written with the intention to “Do Good” and pass it along.

It might be a post that will make you laugh, or one that will build faith.  Perhaps it will provide a little extra needed hope or courage.

Some days it will be a challenge to perform simple random acts of goodness, or even good, uplifting stories we will gather from around the world.

These posts are written to be shared.  Perhaps as you read them you will think of someone who might need that message that day–or maybe it is one you would want to share with everyone in your social media circles.

We know that as each of us does a little something each day, we can literally flood the world with goodness.

We hope you will visit often and find different ways you can multiply goodness throughout the world.

Our purpose is to unite like-minded believers in an effort to multiply goodness throughout the world.

Gather good. Pass it on. Multiply goodness.

Instagram: @multiplygoodness

Twitter: @multiply_good

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I hurried out of the hotel room, hurried down the elevator, hurried into the taxi waiting there on the curb.

He put the suitcase in trunk, I put my purse on the floor, and grabbed my phone in my hand.

The drive to the airport started with me busy on the phone ––opening the app, checking flight status, checking in.

The driver, he drove in silence allowing me to be completely absorbed in my life.

Once I checked in to my flight I decided to check in with my life.  Messages, Mail, Memories on instagram…and the driver drove in silence while I absorbed myself into my life.

In the moment it took for my life to load, I glanced up and saw him.

Driving in silence while I absorbed myself into my life.

White turban, white beard neatly combed, white shirt.

For the first time on that Sabbath morning I felt peace.

I turned off my phone.

“Where are you from?” I asked.

“India,” he replied in a soft accent, flowing goodness.

That’s where most conversations begin…at the point where you come from.  A profound lesson was waiting, but it first required me to come to where he was.

It’s amazing how two people who come from such different beginnings can meet in the middle and learn.

He, from India.  A Shia.  Me, from Utah.  A Mormon.

He spoke of what was common among us, the Mormons live by each other, so they can learn from each other.  It’s easier.  He spoke of the warmth he feels when he walks into a Mormon house.  “You are Christian.”  He told me.  “I like Mormons.”

I asked him how he knew so much about what I believe.

“I am passionate about learning knowledge from everybody I meet.”  He replied.  “I have read parts of your Mormon book,” He said, “I have found that it enlightens me.”

I asked what he believed and he taught me about God.

“He is everywhere…” He told me, “He may be right here in this taxi.”

It was the Sabbath.  And again, I felt peace.  You know, I almost missed God there in that taxi because I was so absorbed in my life.

That taxi driver, he wore his religion.  It was where he came from.  It was who he was.  His holy heart preached pure peace.  Apparent in silence, made beautiful in his words.

We pulled up at the curb and I got out slow.

“Maybe you will pray for me,” he said looking me straight in the eyes, “I’m just a cab driver from India, but maybe you will remember me in your prayers.”

“I would love to pray for you,” I replied.  “Thank you for asking.”

“Oh,” he said with wisdom slow and peaceful,”I have learned that you should accept blessings from everyone.”




L~ F~:~

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I just stared for a few minutes at one of my bookshelves before I sat down to write this.  My grin hasn’t left yet.

In the garbage are the Amazon boxes from some new treasures that just arrived.  They are still on the table because there isn’t room on the shelves I was just staring at.

I think my wife has accepted this indulgence of mine, which is fantastic, because I just love books.

We had dinner the other day at a place that is right next to an old abandoned bookstore.  It made me sad.  I liked that one.

When I was in high school, I used to stop at a Barnes and Noble and walk up and down the aisles looking for nothing in particular, and yet never felt aimless in my wander.

Yes, I really do love books–the look, the smell, the sound of turning pages, the texture on the binding.

Tonight I thought of John’s final testimony–

“And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.” (John 21:25).

That departing thought thrills me.

The words of the Gospels are gold to me.  They light up my soul.  They are refreshment.

As I near the end, John hints to my heart of a “To be continued…”

If the world cannot contain them all, certainly heaven can.  And why shouldn’t they be written?

Perhaps some of them have been.  By angels.  Other disciples.  And maybe–just maybe–there is an invitation in the cliffhanger John finishes his account with.

Perhaps there are also many other things which Jesus does…and oh, what if they should be written.  Every. One.  Imagine the exalted bookstores those records would fill.

A volume from you.  A chapter from me.  Ordinary folks with home town witnesses about extraordinary Jesus.

Told around dining tables, during Sunday strolls, and snuggled up on a knee or a porch swing.

And also written.  Every one.  Never to be lost.

Daily Invitation:

Write down or tell one of your stories of Jesus today.  Let it be remembered.  Let it be added to the collection that the world won’t be able to contain.

L~ F~:~
B e c o m e   a   F r i e n d