We are away on fall break for the week.  Hopefully you are enjoying all the benefits of this beautiful time of year.

Some have asked how to share the trailer for the new book, The Peter Potential.

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What if Peter thought his life was to only live as a simple fisherman?

What could the Lord help each of us and those we care about discover about themselves?

Discover the Peter Potential.  www.thepeterpotential.com

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L  F : 

Last weekend I heard a very simple prayer that I will not forget.

The funny thing is, it was a mistake that made it memorable.

As the gentleman prayed, he intended on petitioning God to strengthen our faith.

Instead, he asked the Lord to please “Faithen our strength.”

He quickly corrected his blunder over my muffled giggle, but I have not stopped thinking about it since.

I really want my strength to be faithened.

How does one faithen their strength, I wondered.  How do infuse faith into my strength, endurance, and efforts?

I thought of a favorite scripture:

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped.” (Psalms 28:7)


I want to trust the source of true strength.  Faithfully lean on His help–my shield.

Perhaps too often I am looking inward for assistance instead of upward.

Or sometimes it seems quite reflexive to take a little too much credit for the things that are going well–to tout my own strength–even quietly.

On those days, even abundance is found wanting and there is no more breath left to praise God.

My admiration for my assumed accomplishments crowds out gratitude.

A faithened strength, on the other hand, seems to instinctively trust God and thank God simultaneously.

Decreasing as He increases.

Feeling encouraged even when the ledger shows I lack.

Receiving and recognizing His help is so rewarding and refining.

When others see my confidence, I want it to reflect His compassion.

I want them to see faith in my strength.


Daily Invite:

Look today for opportunities to recognize and praise God for the strength He has given you.


L  F : 

On Monday night I caught the house on fire.

Well, I almost did.

Grace was desperate for Kale chips.  So I covered the Kale with olive oil, spread it out on a cookie sheet, and put it in the oven.

Then Grace remembered she left her phone at a neighbors house.

Remember how it was such a beautiful night on Monday night?

I suggested we walk over to pick it up…it wouldn’t take long.

And it didn’t.

But on the way home, from a block away, I heard the fire alarm going off.  I remember asking Grace, “How long do you think it takes to cook Kale chips?”

We started walking faster.

But not fast enough.

We missed all of the excitement.

Greg opening the oven door.  The cookie sheet of Kale bursting into flames.  Greg running through the kitchen with flaming Kale and throwing the cookie sheet in all its flaming glory through the open sliding door.

We got there just in time to experience the smoke that filled the entire house.

“Did you forget about the Kale?”  Greg asked.

Really, I didn’t forget.  I just didn’t understand how fast it was going to cook.

I neglected to watch over that which I had been entrusted with.

Sometimes we do that.

Sometimes we underestimated how important our watch care is in that moment.

I have been thinking about those I care for.  How I don’t want anything to go wrong on my watch.

Sometimes they need me less.

But sometimes they are in the heat of the fire…intense heat for short periods of time…

In those moments, perhaps they need me more.

To provide encouragement, impart counsel, or maybe even just to pray.

Short periods of focused prayer.

Today I am thinking about the importance of watch care.

a daily invitation:

Who needs your care today?  Your prayers?  Your attention?

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L  F : 

Today we are asking for your help.

You might remember that David Butler and I wrote a book a little bit ago.  The Peter Potential.  Perhaps you have read it.

When we wrote the book our hope was that Peter’s story might have an impact for good on everyone who read it ––that this book would cross over religious boundaries and touch the heart of Christians everywhere, those who are like minded believers…followers of Jesus Christ.

It is an endeavor that is going to take a lot of effort because a religious book written by an LDS author rarely crosses the religious boundary into the national Christian market.

People have said it can’t be done.

Maybe they are right.

But we believe otherwise.

So, for the month of October we are launching a national campaign.  And this is where we could use your help.

When we wrote the book we put an invitation at the end of every book…we invited the reader to pass the book along to someone they know…someone in need…someone they love.  It was our hope to multiply goodness by passing the message to as many people as we could.

Today we are asking if you might help us spread the message of this book with your friends with like minded beliefs… and there are several ways you can do this!

Share the trailer:

Join the Peter Movement …click here

Visit the webpage:  thepeterpotential.com

Share a tweet from thepeterpotential.com.

Take the Peter Challenge:

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It’s going to be an exciting month!  We are anticipating miracles.

Why wouldn’t we?

With Heaven’s Help and your help we really believe we can do this!

L  F : 

It is interesting to invite a new little one into your home.

Perspectives mold so much easier in those first days.

I started to think about everything the little boy doesn’t know.

He has never seen “Lion King,” or had a dish of strawberry shortcake.

The roar of a crowd under the Friday night lights are foreign to him and he has never heard of Cracker Jacks or Harry Potter.

There is so much he needs to know–so much I am excited to share.

I opened the Good Book the other day to the beginning and was moved with advice that came so deliberately to me off the pages.


“In the beginning, God…”


Life will quickly begin to add its colors to his canvas–but I get the first strokes.

And they will be painted with purpose–from heavens palette.

In his beginning, there will be God.  A God of miracles.  A God of many chances.  A God of glory.  A God of love.

It is my blessing to point him in the way he should go.

And then I considered my own beginnings–the ones that come on every January first, Sunday morning, and rising of the sun.

In the beginning, God…

And it will make all the difference.

Daily Invitation:

Whatever new beginning is before you, look to and let God be first.  It matters so much in those first moments.

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L  F : 
B e c o m e   a n   E m a i l   F r i e n d